j_v's CRUX ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
aalib1.4rc5-1ascii art library2017-12-28
bvi1.4.0-1Binary visual editor2017-12-28
cairo-5c1.14-1Nickle language binding for the cairo graphics library.2018-02-22
claws-mail3.16.0-3An e-mail client (and news reader), based on GTK+ 2018-02-04
containers1.6-3Simple implementaion of containers for Linux2017-08-24
d1x-rebirth0.58.1-1Source port of Descent2018-02-15
dblatex0.3.10-1Converts DocBook to LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, and PDF2017-12-28
dirvish1.2.1-1A fast, disk based, rotating network backup system.2018-02-25
djvulibre3.5.27-1GPL'ed reader of DjVu format2017-12-28
docbook2x0.8.8-4Program to convert docbook documents to man pages2017-12-28
dvb-firmware20141125-1LinuxTV-firmware bundle containing many firmwares2017-12-28
fastjar0.98-3Fastjar is an implementation of Sun's jar utility.2017-12-28
firejail0.9.52-1Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf sandbox2018-02-03
fop2.2-1Formatting Objects Processor2017-12-28
gcj-jdk6.4.0-2The GNU Compiler Collection Java Front End2017-12-06
gimp-help2.8.2-2The GIMP help manual2017-12-28
girara0.2.8-1User interface library focusing on simplicity and minimalism2018-02-03
graphite21.3.10-1reimplementation of the SIL Graphite text processing engine.2018-02-05
guile2.2.3-1Guile is an interpreter and compiler for the Scheme programming language.2017-12-28
jbig2dec0.14-1Decoder implementation of JBIG2 image compression format2017-10-05
lemonbar1.3-1lightweight bar2018-02-03
libburn1.4.8-1Library to get preformatted data onto optical media (CD, DVD, BD/Blu-Ray)2017-12-06
libcacard2.5.3-1CAC (Common Access Card) library2017-08-23
libetpan1.8-1A Library for low-level mail work.2017-12-27
libisoburn1.4.8-1Frontend for libburn and libisofs2017-12-06
libisofs1.4.8-1Library to create ISO-9660 filesystem with extensions like Rock Ridge or Joliet2017-12-06
libnbcompat20150615-1Portable NetBSD compatibility library for sources from NetBSD and pkgsrc.2018-02-03
libspectre0.2.8-1Postscript rendering library2018-02-05
libunistring0.9.8-1Manipulate unicode and C strings according to the Unicode Standard.2018-01-27
lksctp-tools1.0.17-2Linux Kernel Stream Control Transmission Protocol Tools2018-01-01
lua51-luafilesystem1.7.0.2-1Lua library for accessing file systems.2017-12-08
luakit2017.08.10-2A fast, extensible, and customizable web browser.2018-02-03
mk0.1-1simple replacement for make2017-07-27
mujs1.0.2-1Lightweight Javascript interpreter2017-12-28
netbsd-pax20080110-1NetBSD pax is the POSIX standard archiver with many extensions.2018-02-03
nickle2.81-1a power desktop calculator language2018-02-22
noice0.6-2a small ncurses-based file browser2017-11-25
nsjail2.5-1Linux process isolation tool utilizing namespaces, resource limits, seccomp-bpf2018-02-22
oniguruma6.7.1-1A modern and flexible regular expressions library.2018-02-05
openjdk6-bootb41-2OpenJDK 6 built using IcedTea2018-02-21
openjdk77u161-b00-2OpenJDK 7 built using IcedTea build harness2018-02-21
openjdk7-boot7u161-b00-3OpenJDK 7 built using IcedTea build harness2018-02-21
openjdk88u151-b12-4OpenJDK 8 built using IcedTea build harness2018-02-21
openjdk8-boot8u151-b12-3OpenJDK 8 built using IcedTea build harness2018-02-20
openjpeg22.3.0-1JPEG 2000 codec library, version 22018-01-01
p5-time-modules2013.0912-1Perl routines to parse date strings into time values2018-02-25
pcsc-lite1.8.23-1Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC)2018-01-01
pinfo70da81ec-1User-friendly, console-based viewer for Info documents2018-02-16
pkgwrap0.3.1-1pkgmk wrapper for building packages in unprivileged container2018-02-22
pseudo1.8.2-1an analogue to sudo2018-02-03
python-numpy1.13.3-1discrete fourier transform, basic linear algebra and random number generation2017-12-14
python3-numpy1.13.3-1discrete fourier transform, basic linear algebra and random number generation2017-12-08
re2c1.0.3-1Lexer generator for C and C++2018-01-01
sphinx1.6.6-1the Sphinx documentaion generator2018-02-03
sutils0.2-4Small command-line utilities2017-08-23
tagsoup1.2.1-1SAX-compliant HTML parser for converting ugly html to clean xhtml2017-10-08
tigervnc1.8.0-1vnc client2017-12-28
uchardet0.0.6-1An encoding detector library.2017-10-17
xdo0.5.7-1small X utility for applying actions to windows2017-09-19
xlsw0.2.3-3List child window info2017-08-23
xtitle0.4.3-3print title of active X window2017-08-23
xwinfo3836605-3Print X window information2017-08-23
zathura0.3.8-1Highly customizable and functional document viewer2018-02-03
zathura-cb0.1.7-1Comic book plugin for zathura2017-12-28
zathura-djvu0.2.7-1DJVU plugin for zathura2017-12-28
zathura-pdf-mupdf0.3.2-1PDF support for zathura using mupdf rendering library2017-12-28
zathura-pdf-poppler0.2.8-1PDF support for zathura using poppler rendering library2017-12-28
zathura-ps0.2.5-1Postscript plugin for zathura2017-12-28
zziplib0.13.68-1ZIP-access Library with Easy-to-use API2018-02-06

70 ports

The openjdk ports use the following naming convention:

The openjdk6-boot, openjdk7-boot, and openjdk8-boot ports are designed to provide bootstrap jdks for building other openjdk ports and some java packages. The resultant packages are stripped of most of the configuration and administration files. Use of the boot jdk’s as a full jdk is neither supported nor recommended.

The openjdk7 and openjdk8 ports are designed to be used as full jdks. These no longer depend on the bootstrap ports that the *-boot ports depend on. This way, a full openjdk can be installed without having to jump through the hoops of bootstrapping from gcj-jdk to openjdk6-boot to openjdk7-boot to openjdk8-boot to openjdk8, etc. Both openjdk7 and openjdk8 ports use a prebuilt openjdk-boot pkg for building.

For ports that have been retired, I sometimes place these in one or other of my (technically) unpublished repos:

I have no qualms with these being used, but bear in mind that the old repo ports will not be updated and the forks repo ports are intended for my own uses and may clash with other ports.

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